Coal Mining

Jeff believes avoiding, when possible, any industry that has a high risk of harming our environment.
Considering how beautiful our mountains and watersheds are, he dislikes the idea of an industry that creates a visual eye sore.
Other than job creation, he said he fails to see the benefit to the area.
Part of his background has been oil and gas, and while traveling, Jeff has observed here in Alberta that we have some of the best practises in regards to safety and the environment.
Regarding this issue, Jeff would like to see more public hearings to fully understand the risks versus the benefits before we decide as a community.
“From what I have heard so far, I’m not sold on the idea.”

The Town

Accessibility is essential in our downtown, a suggestion to improve this would be changing 2 way streets to one way to accommodate more parking stalls.

Review legalising golf carts for use in town, would allow for compact parking, multiple passengers and easy transport of groceries. We must improve relationships with the Agricultural Society and begin promoting town events more effectively.

Promote High River to surrounding communities

Actively promote businesses to our residents resulting in more local support. 


Foothills County

It is essential that we cultivate and improve a mutually beneficial relationship with Foothills County. By exploring a joint venture, such as investing in the rec-plex with the additional water park, with Foothills County, this will enable our community to grow alongside the county.


Road Maintenance and Completion

Due to excessive potholes and gravel on main roads, drivers are detouring down residential roads, through family neighbourhoods. Detour signs are being left up the entire construction season with little to no progress being made.

Subsequently, when repairs are not completed, top coats can not be applied.

Slip ramp continually being paved when provincial government has mandated that it must be removed.


Federal & Provincial Governments

We need to work more effectively with our federal and provincial partners to ensure we are receiving all available grants and support funding to improve public parks and our infrastructure.